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How to pair the scale with the MedM Health app in your phone?

The first step is to press and hold the “UNIT” button in order to start the pairing of the scale. The second step (with your phone’s Bluetooth activated), from the MedM Health app, in the main menu, under “My devices”, you need to “Add New”. The app will then seek, find and synchronise the scale with the phone. The image shows where the “UNIT” button is located.

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Download the app: https://www.medm.com/apps/health/

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How to obtain data apart from the weight with the MedM Health phone app?

In the MedM Health app, under the “Weight” section (Screen 1), click on the weight of the chosen day. The following screen will display (Screen 2). The rest of the data will be displayed: fat and body water, muscle mass and bone mass.

You will then be able to see the rest of the data, or the app will signal if any piece of data needs to be filled in, e.g., your height.

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How to change the heads

These are the steps to follow for changing the heads of the anti-cellulite massager:

1. Turn the protective fabric cover (dark blue cover with protective fabric) anticlockwise.

2. Once the cover is removed, take out the head by pressing it outwards.

3. Once the head you wish to replace is removed, put the new head in position by pressing on it and then replace the protective fabric cover by turning it clockwise.

What is its time of use?

The anticellulite massager is suitable for daily use, if the approximate time of use of 15 minutes followed by 15 minutes in standby is observed.

What is the purpose of the infrared function?

The main purpose of the infrared function is to relieve tension and pain, but it also helps burn calories and stimulates blood circulation.

What are the functions of each interchangeable head?


Adjusting screen modes

The image shows the 6 different screen display modes (always with the same information on all of them).

To change the screen modes, quick press the blue On/Off button.

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Adjusting screen settings

The image shows how to adjust the different settings. To access this menu, you press and hold the blue On/Off button.

When you enter the menu by quick pressing the blue On/Off button, you will see that you can choose the setting you wish to select.

Once at the setting you wish to modify, just press and hold the blue button in order to modify this setting or parameter.

Once you have finished adjusting the settings, select the last “Exit” line and press and hold the blue button to quit the initial screen.

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What does the oximeter measure and what do the measurements mean?

A pulse oximeter is a device that is used to measure oxygen saturation in the blood. The oximeter actually measures the percentage of haemoglobin in the oxyhaemoglobin and when this concentration is between 95% and 99%, you are considered as not having pulmonary problems.


Oxygen saturation (SpO2) measures the amount of oxygen carried in the blood in relation to its total capacity. In other words, it is an estimate of how much oxygen is contained in the blood’s haemoglobin in comparison to the amount it could contain.


A normal resting heart rate for adults varies between 60 and 100 beats per minute.

Can any finger be used?

Any finger can be used to take the measurement, but you are recommended to use the index, middle and ring fingers.

You are also recommended not to make any movement while the oximeter is taking the measurement.


Charge the smartwatch in a USB charging port.

When charging the smartwatch in a USB charging port or computer with USB, make sure to connect it so that the smartwatch screen is visible.

When it starts to charge, the screen lights up displaying the word “Charging” and the symbol of the current battery capacity, and, five seconds later, the screen switches itself off until the charge is complete. The screen will then light up again and indicate that the charge has been successfully completed.

We have observed that in some (wide) USB charging ports it does not charge properly, due to the fact that a proper charging connection has not been established.

If such is the case, first check to see that the direction and position are correct. Otherwise, try another charging port or computer with USB. This is a residual problem which occurs in just a few charging devices.

How to link the Smartwatch via Bluetooth with the Yoho Sports App?

To link the phone with the smartwatch, take the following steps:

1. Download the “Yoho Sports” app.

2. Once the app is installed in your phone, at the first screen to display, press the settings button (the symbol with 3 lines). The word “Devices” displays. Once the device shows on the screen, the app will display a “Request for Bluetooth link”. Press the “Link” button and your phone will be connected to the Longfit smartwatch via the Yoho Sports app.

How to update the time on the Smartwatch with the Yoho Sports app?

The smartwatch updates the time, date and day automatically, once it is linked to the Yoho Sports app.

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How to update the time on the Smartwatch with the Yoho Sports app?

The smartwatch updates the time, date and day automatically, once it is linked to the Yoho Sports app.

Do the straps come with the product?

The smartwatch comes with 3 interchangeable straps, in 3 different colours, black, blue and red.

Does the watch give notifications from social networking sites?

The smartwatch gives notifications via vibration, including calls, SMS, WeChat, QQ, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp.

To activate this function, open the notifications screen and enable the options for receiving message reminders.

Is it water resistant?, for how long?, and how deep?

The smartwatch meets IP67 requirements for dust and splash resistance, so it is resistant to temporary immersion to 1-metre depth. As for dust, it meets the highest requirements and guarantees that the terminal is 100% dust-tight, with the result that dust will not enter under any circumstance.


How to switch on the digital blood pressure monitor?

To start the digital blood pressure monitor, press the “SET” button when it is connected to the mains.

How to link the blood pressure monitor to the MedM Health app in the phone?

To pair/link the blood pressure monitor via Bluetooth to the MedM Health app in your phone, take the following steps:

1. With the blood pressure monitor turned off, from the MedM Health app, access the menu and press “My devices”. Then press “Add new”.

2. Once the app starts to search for devices, switch on the blood pressure monitor by pressing and holding the “START/STOP” button until the screen lights up in blue and a moving icon displays.

3. Immediately afterwards, the blood pressure monitor displays in the Medm Health app. Press “Add” in order to select it.

The blood pressure monitor will then be linked to the MedM Health app.


Can any soap be used?

The dispenser can be used with liquid dishwasher soap, liquid hand soap or disinfectants suitable for the skin, such as hydroalcoholic gel.


How long does the sodium hypochlorite mixture last in a disinfectant generator?

Once the sodium hypochlorite mixture has been prepared, it will effectively last for approximately 2 or 3 days.

Is the bleach harmful for your health?

The sodium hypochlorite can be handled with no problem. If used responsibly, it will cause no damage. However, if it comes into contact with the eyes or if swallowed, it can cause irritation in the eyes, oropharynx and oesophagus as well as gastric burns.

Can it be filled with another product?

No, the disinfectant generator was designed exclusively for mixing water with salt, to create the sodium hypochlorite disinfectant.


¿Funciona con pilas?

Yes, it works with 2 AAA alkaline batteries.

Can it be used with babies as well?

Yes, the thermometer is perfectly suitable for babies. Avoid taking the temperature when breastfeeding or immediately after.

How to change from body to ambient mode?

To change from body to ambient mode, press and hold the button for 3 seconds to select the chosen mode.


Changing the heads.

Changing the heads is as simple as aligning the chosen head with the blade, inserting the side tabs in the blade and pressing the back tab of the head until you hear a slight “click”.

How to clean the hair trimmer?

Always clean the hair trimmer when it is switched off. Follow these steps:

  1. Place your thumb in the middle of the rounded side of the cutting head and the index and middle fingers in the blade teeth while pulling on the head.
  2. Remove the comb, clean it with a brush and wash it under running water.
  3. Apply some drops of lubricating oil in the cutting blades to ensure proper functioning.
How long does the trimmer’s battery last?

The duration of use is approximately 45 minutes for each 3 or 4 hours of charging.

Do the heads come with the hair trimmer?

Yes, it comes with 4 heads with cutting measurements of between 3 and 6mm.

Does it have to be plugged in for use?

No, the 360º hair trimmer is wireless, so it does not have to be plugged in.


Where to buy the oils for the humidifier.

They can be bought in large stores, herbalists, perfume stores…

Is it compatible with other oils on the market?

Yes, the humidifier is compatible with all kinds of oils and essences, simply by combining them with the water in the humidifier.


How long do the filters last?

In a normal environment, the filters will last approximately 6 months, depending on the use made of the air purifier.

Where can I buy more?

In Spain, through the online store: www.longfitcare.com

If it was bought in another country, return to the supermarket where the purchase was made or email: contacto@longfitcare.com

Does it remove COVID from the atmosphere?

The air filtered by the air purifier, and exposed to ultraviolet rays, is free of dust, dust mites, allergens, spores, dirt, odours and bacteria like COVID.

Does it work without being plugged in?

In order for the air purifier to work, the USB cable needs to be connected to the mains.


How is it switched on?

The sterilizer has a system that switches it on automatically. It works when the brushes are inserted, and the lid of the sterilizer is closed manually. The sterilization process starts automatically and lasts approximately 6 minutes.

Can it be used with any kind of toothbrush?

Yes, the sterilizer is suitable for all kinds of brushes for oral care and can also be used as toothbrush holder.

Does it work with batteries?

Yes, it works with 2 AAA alkaline batteries.

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Can they be used for speaking on the phone?

Yes, the wireless earphones are perfect for speaking on your phone without cables.

Do I get mobile phone notifications like WhatsApp?

Yes, the earphones will give you all the notifications you receive in your phone.

Pairing the 2 earphones

Do the following in order to pair the 2 earphones:

  1. Fully charge the charging base before first use or after a long period without using the earphones.
  2. When the main earphone (L) and the secondary earphone (R) are not connected, remove them both from the charging base. It will automatically switch on. Wait for 3 seconds. Both earphones will flash blue. Then, the light will flash between blue and red for the pairing.
  3. Switch on the smartphone Bluetooth, seek “F9”, pair and connect. The earphones will say “Connected”.


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