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Anticellulite massager

The ergonomic anticellulite massager, with 3 interchangeable heads and adjustable power, is perfect for massaging different parts of the body, arm, legs and buttocks… activating circulation and lymph flow. In addition, it helps keep your skin firm with no trace of any orange peel-like effect. It stands out for its simple but precise operation and is easy to take apart and clean, as the heads are easily cleaned under running water.

USB blood pressure monitor

Enjoy a healthy life by controlling your health from home. With a cardiac screen and an ultra-thin design. It measures blood pressure with the latest standards, clinical precision and reliability as well as high-tech cuff inflation. With 60 memory locations and extra-large numbers to make reading easy.

Cardiac monitoring

On screen with an ultra-thin design and clear, simple digits.

Wireless reading

With the latest standards so that you can connect easily.

Transmission via Bluetooth

Through the MedM App, downloadable for IOS and Android systems.

Clinical precision/reliability

Blood pressure measurement with high-tech cuff inflation.

Memory locations

With over 60 memory locations and easy to read thanks to its extra-large numbers.

Micro USB Charging

Charging is quick, simple and standard with a micro USB charging port.

Facial hair epilator

«4 in 1» Rechargeable with Bluetooth

Kiss goodbye to facial hair!

The «4 in 1» Facial Epilator removes hair with precision from ears, nose, eyebrows and underarms gently and simply.
In addition, it is watertight and portable, rechargeable via USB, extremely easy to use and clean. Thanks to its multifunction kit with 4 interchangeable heads, you will get perfect, painless and highly efficient performance.

Body massager

With percussion system

Perfect relaxation at home.

Relieve your stress with LongFit Care portable massager and its interchangeable massage modes. With three different models of heads, it affords a variety of massage experiences on your body, it relieves stress with a full massage in parts of the body like the neck, arms, back and legs.

It also has adjustable speed control. For a gentler massage, just turn the speed control and you get the intensity you wish for your needs.

Its percussion motor has a manual frequency that reaches 3800 pulses per minute and it has a powerful, guaranteed safety motor.

With ergonomic design. The anti-slip handle makes this portable LongFit Care massager easy to grip, making it easy to run over the different parts of the body.


Keep the air in your home within the optimum range of relative humidity. Thanks to its aroma diffuser with an innovative system of ultrasonic waves, it instantly vaporises the water and oil to create a fresh and dry, fragrant mist. Moreover, discover the world of aromatherapy and chromotherapy, to enjoy a unique, healthy experience.

Multifunction scale

Get motivated with the Bluetooth multifunction digital scale. Keep up with your progress with the body, weight and bone mass analysis.
In combination with the MedM Health app, you can have simple and efficient control of all your progress and state of health and quickly and intuitively see your evolution.

Digital screen

With an ultra-thin design and clear, simple digits.

Wireless reading

With the latest established standards for simple connection.

Transmission via Bluetooth

Through the MedM App, downloadable for IOS and Android systems.

Bioimpedance analysis

Estimation of calories, BMI, fat and body water, muscle mass, and bone mass.

Non-invasive technology

Totally toxic-free and harmless to health.


Use of device for children between the ages of 10-17 and adults. Do not use with any portable medical electronic instruments or implant.

Sports bottle

With Bluetooth wireless earbuds

Turn up the volume and get going!

Start a good sports session with a sports thermal bottle with Bluetooth Wireless earbuds. Ideal for all sports and daily use. Keep hydrated during your training sessions.

Listening time

3 hr at maximum volume.


Earbud capacity

35mAh / 3.7V (0.1295 Wh)


Version 5.0. Wireless 10m.

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