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At LongfitProducts we develop high-performance products and offer excellent customer service. Our R+D+I department is totally focused on assessing the needs of active people who are concerned about their quality of life. We carry out an in-depth analysis of these needs in order to create our categories and product ranges which are dedicated entirely to well-being.

We are a young, fresh brand with sound values, focused on the care of the body, and health is one of our maximum priorities as we have specific products for it. We also make other products to make your home a welcoming and comfortable place. That’s why we are continually creating articles that suit a healthy lifestyle, one that is full of vitality and energy. Get  active! Live LongFitProducts.

Digital Screen
With an ultra-thin design and clear, simple digits.
Non-invasive technology
Totally toxic-free and harmless to health.
Bioimpedance analysis

Estimation of calories, BMI, fat and body water, muscle mass, and bone mass.

con app

Multifunction Scale

Get motivated with the Bluetooth multifunction digital scale. Keep up with your progress with the body, weight and bone mass analysis.
In combination with the MedM Health app, you can have simple and efficient control of all your progress and state of health and quickly and intuitively see your evolution.

Transmission via Bluetooth

Through the MedM App, downloadable for IOS and Android systems.

Wireless reading

With the latest established standards for simple connection.


Use of device for children between the ages of 10-17 and adults. Do not use with any portable medical electronic instruments or implant.



The ergonomic anticellulite massager, with 3 interchangeable heads and adjustable power, is perfect for massaging different parts of the body, arm, legs and buttocks… activating circulation and lymph flow. In addition, it helps keep your skin firm with no trace of any orange peel-like effect. It stands out for its simple but precise operation and is easy to take apart and clean, as the heads are easily cleaned under running water.

Masajeador anticelulítico + 3 cabezales intercambiables Longfit care
Masajeador anticelulítico + 3 cabezales intercambiables Longfit care
Masajeador anticelulítico + 3 cabezales intercambiables Longfit care

With percussion system


Perfect relaxation at home.

Relieve your stress with LongFit Care portable massager and its interchangeable massage modes. With three different models of heads, it affords a variety of massage experiences on your body, it relieves stress with a full massage in parts of the body like the neck, arms, back and legs.

It also has adjustable speed control. For a gentler massage, just turn the speed control and you get the intensity you wish for your needs.

Its percussion motor has a manual frequency that reaches 3800 pulses per minute and it has a powerful, guaranteed safety motor.

With ergonomic design. The anti-slip handle makes this portable LongFit Care massager easy to grip, making it easy to run over the different parts of the body.

Masajeador anticelulítico + 3 cabezales intercambiables Longfit care

led mirror and fan

Flawless Makeup


LED Mirror

The LongFit Care mirror with LED light and fan is perfect for applying make-up, thanks to its 5 x magnification mini mirror with mobile suction cup and tilting head that can be orientated easily, as well as a tray that is perfect for holding objects.
It is ideal for your dresser in the bathroom or your bedside table and you will be able to enjoy natural light thanks to the adjustable integrated LED light.

Hair Trimmer



RIt gives an efficient cut with just one pass thanks to the 360° rotary head with washable stainless steel dual blade.
It comes with 4 heads with different cutting lengths, guaranteeing personalised styling results. It gives a clean cut due to its wireless operation with USB charging.

«4 in 1» Rechargeable with Bluetooth

Facial hair Depilator

Kiss goodbye to facial hair! The «4 in 1» Facial Epilator removes hair with precision from ears, nose, eyebrows and underarms gently and simply. In addition, it is watertight and portable, rechargeable via USB, extremely easy to use and clean. Thanks to its multifunction kit with 4 interchangeable heads, you will get perfect, painless and highly efficient performance.

With Timer

Dry Steam

400 ml with 6 colors led

Aroma Diffuser

Keep the air in your home within the optimum range of relative humidity. Thanks to its aroma diffuser with an innovative system of ultrasonic waves, it instantly vaporises the water and oil to create a fresh and dry, fragrant mist. Moreover, discover the world of aromatherapy and chromotherapy, to enjoy a unique, healthy experience.

Humidifier - longfit care wellness fitness health
Masajeador anticelulítico + 3 cabezales intercambiables Longfit care



Make your own disinfectant with salt and water! The LongFit Care disinfectant generator turns salty water into sodium hypochlorite through simple water electrolysis. Very handy for disinfecting kitchen utensils, work surfaces, food like fruit and vegetables and even entire rooms as it disinfects the air, thanks to its spray dispenser.

Antimicrobial | Removes odour | USB Connection

Masajeador anticelulítico + 3 cabezales intercambiables Longfit care



It creates a healthy, clean environment in your home! The LongFit Care air purifier helps create a healthier and cleaner environment thanks to the ionizer HEPA filter. Small with an attractive design, it is ideal for purifying the air in your home or at work, to help you feel more comfortable, in a healthy environment. What’s more, it is so silent that you won’t notice it is working.

It removes dust, mites, allergens, spores and odour…

Masajeador anticelulítico + 3 cabezales intercambiables Longfit care


Automatic Dispenser

The most efficient, contact free way to wash your hands! The LongFit Care automatic soap dispenser is perfect for the home, for the bathroom or the kitchen. With its high-precision sensor design, and high speed activation, it dispenses the soap instantly. It is simple to adjust thanks to the dose control, offering different high and low foam or soap modes.

Dose control | Automatic sensor | High precision 



The LongFit Care UV sterilizer for toothbrushes uses ultraviolet rays to remove germs, bacteria and virus from toothbrushes quickly and efficiently for your health. You just need 6 minutes to sterilise all kinds of toothbrushes. Additionally, thanks to its UV sterilisation system, there’s no need to resort to any chemicals.
Its compact and portable design is ideal for disinfecting toothbrushes while travelling or on short trips as well as for holding your toothbrushes in the bathroom.


Microfibre electric blanket

The LongFitCare microfibre electric blanket with a soft finish is ideal for directly applying dry heat comfortably. Thanks to its temperature regulator with 3 heating levels, you are guaranteed optimum heat. What’s more, you can rest easy while using it because it has an automatic disconnection and overheating protection system.

compact and portable

Pulse Oximeter

The LongFit Care oximeter is ideal for health and sports enthusiasts as well as for anybody interested in measuring and controlling the oxygen in their blood and their pulse rate easily but precisely. Perfect for use in the home, given its ease of use. Just place the oximeter on one of your fingers and the photoelectric sensor will make a diagnosis. This is shown directly on the screen, along with your blood oxygen and your heart rate.

Tensiómetro digital USB Bluetooth longfit care

Through the MedM App, downloadable for IOS and Android systems.

USB Blood Pressure monitor

Enjoy a healthy life by controlling your health from home. With a cardiac screen and an ultra-thin design. It measures blood pressure with the latest standards, clinical precision and reliability as well as high-tech cuff inflation. With 60 memory locations and extra-large numbers to make reading easy.

Cardiac monitoring | Clinical precision/reliability | Wireless reading | Memory Locations | Transmission via Bluetooth | Micro USB Charging

Masajeador anticelulítico + 3 cabezales intercambiables Longfit care


Digital Blood Pressure monitor

Thanks to its compact design, the LongFitCare digital blood pressure monitor is perfect for wrist blood pressure measurement at home or outside the home in the most comfortable way possible. In addition, it is user friendly with a high definition LCD screen, showing the heart rate and it comes with a self-inflating system. Its precision and clinical reliability make the LongFitCare digital blood pressure monitor a star product which will provide you with accurate and precise control over your health in your own home.

Heart rate monitoring | Precision with clinical reliability | Wireless measurement | Irregular heart beat indicator



Now it’s easier to do sports

Masajeador anticelulítico + 3 cabezales intercambiables Longfit care


Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones

Enjoy your music or calls with LongFit Care Bluetooth 5.0 earphones. You will discover a wireless world. With total freedom of movement and high quality clean sound, you can also take calls while enjoying your music. The base with LED charge indicator works as a portable charger. With a charging time of the base of 1 to 2 hours, you will get 25 complete charges of the earphones to ensure you are never disconnected.

– Call time: 4-6 hours.
– 1-2 hr charge lasts 25 charges for the earphones.
– LED digital display.
– Battery capacity: 50 mAh.
– Capacity of the base battery: 2000 mAh.
– Wireless range: 10 m.
– The base works as a portable charger.
– Frequency: 20-20.000Hz.

Masajeador anticelulítico + 3 cabezales intercambiables Longfit care


Smartwatch Activity bracelet

Just in time!

Get ready to lead a healthy and active life with Smartwatch – LongFit Care Activity bracelet. Suitable for daily use, during normal daily activity as well as sports activity. You will receive all the necessary information for controlling and measuring your activity. You will also receive notifications via SMS, email and calls.

– Heart frequency during sports activity.
– Sleep monitoring.
– Remote monitoring.
– Pedometer.
– Calorie measurement.
– Call receiver.
– Messages, SMS and email.
– Watch and alarm.

Masajeador anticelulítico + 3 cabezales intercambiables Longfit care

With Bluetooth wireless earbuds

Sports Bottle

Turn up the volume and get going!
Start a good sports session with a sports thermal bottle with Bluetooth Wireless earbuds. Ideal for all sports and daily use. Keep hydrated during your training sessions.

– Listening time 3hr at maximum volume.
– Earphone capacity 35mAh / 3.7V (0.1295 Wh).
– Base-charging case bottle cover.
– Cover capacity 240mAh/3.7V (0.1295 Wh)
– Bluetooth Version 5.0. Wireless 10m.
– High quality stainless steel.
– Double walled insulation. Vacuum system
– Leak and condensation-resistant.
– BPA and toxic free
– Capacity 600ml.


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